Spring is here and its time for a new beginning

In one of my earlier post i mentioned that i am close to the end of my stay at Keiser university. It seems fitting that Im finishing my last class in spring, Spring is the time for new beginnings in my mind. I started this design club at Keiser and last night at one of are meetings we went out to take photos and we came a crossed this pond with a mother duck and her babies.

babeducksmoveAs i was watching these little guys i realized they just starting their life they are huddling near their mother scared but still slowly venturing away from her wile playing.


babeducks5 these little guys were being brave and coming closer to use wile their mom would swim over and round them up again.babeducks3

Spring is an amazing time everything starts fresh and its time for me to do the same. Im no longer going to be the guy in his twenties working at a retail store, I will start working in Graphic Design and i will do some Photography work. I cant let myself fail. So much like these little Ducklings i’m going to be moving on…. Sorry mom you cant come round me up this time. you got to let me out and you cant freak out if and when i fail. Its time for me to move onbabe duck 4


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