So I have never been one to photograph people

IMG_0513 emma (1)

I love nature, its just how I am. I could be happy living in the woods somewhere with the birds and the bears. That being said as a photographer I know I’m going to need to take work where i can get it as I’m getting started. So when asked to photograph people I take it


I’m not one for patting myself on the back but I think i am getting better at placing my subjects where i need them, its hard to get them looking the right way to say the least and KIDS!! Oh lord to get me started on trying to photograph Kids, they just don’t sit still

Emma 4

They Just GO GO GO none stop but its fun to do as well. I got to photograph this young lady’s Birthday party a month back and it was the hardest job i have done by far but still i had a good time doing it and it was a paid gig. Even as babies can be difficult, they will cry and cry.


But much like nature photography you just need to give it time and you will get that perfect shot


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