Editing In Photoshop

Ok so the majority of you have Probably seen what you can do with photoshop right? you take someone with lets say Zits on their face like so…….


OH NO WE CANT HAVE THAT!! ha ha that face is so shocked. Well lucky for a poor friend here we have the power of photoshop at our hands so no need for Proactive….at least not for Selfies


Now she is just Shocked for no reason. Now anyone who has taken a photoshop class or has access to youtube can do this within a few minutes of  a class/video. its a handy little tool to use and this one was an easy job, five tiny little specs on her other wise perfect and spotless face… DAMN THOSE MODELS MAKING ACNE LOOK GOOD.  But lets say we have a little more then just some spots on a face. take a look at my Editing page to see what more you can do, i will try and update that weekly with more edits


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