Photoshop Edits

Editing In photoshop


Ok so we see in the above image that this POOR POOR young lady has some……issues on her face right? Well thanks to our hero’s at Adobe photoshop I can fix that for a friend.


Its just a few clicks with the spot healing brush and Boom clear face, now she is just shocked for no reason but what happens when you have a larger problem like this oneRobStap

If you look in the above photo i have a name tag on, well photoshop can deal with that as well, you can use the patch tool and end up with this

rob 2

You get this with one click and drag with the patch tool. Thats not all you can do, Photoshop isnt just for fixing mistakes, you can also take some photos that are good and take them to a whole new level


you can take this nice photo of a duck and make in brighter and bring out more details

Duck 1

you can go from this……


to thisartsy

its just bringing out the colors a bit more helps make your photos pop